Down The Colorado: CC alumni take to the river!


Check out this sweet blog which follows four CC Alumni beginning at the headwaters of the upper Colorado River in Rocky Mountain National Park and heading downstream for at least two months!

The trip is one aspect of the Colorado College’s 2012-13 State of the Rockies Project.  The four adventurers hope to make the voices of various stakeholders and “river experts” heard, as well as providing a virtual tour of the Colorado River through narratives, photographs, videos, and scientific research


About ccoutdoored

The Outdoor Education Department at Colorado College organizes the Priddy Experience Orientation for new students and advises a variety of student organizations including the Ritt Kellogg Climbing Gym, Climber's Association of Colorado College, Ahlberg Gear House, Free Rider's Union of CC, Outdoor Recreation Committee, Breakout, Cycling Team, Kayak Club, and Colorado College Farm. The department thrives because of the hard work of three professional staff, 35 student employees, and hundreds of dedicated student volunteers. The programs advised by Colorado College Outdoor Education provide CC students with opportunities for real world challenge, adventure, leadership, and service outside of the classroom.
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