A Great Weekend of Leader Training!

I do not believe that I could have found a more productive way to spend last weekend than attending the Leader Level I training that the ORC hosted.

First off, it not only encouraged me to get an early start to the weekend days, but upon completion of Level I training, many doors opened for potential leadership experiences with the ORC… a fun weekend, and well worth it.


A cold leader training trip on Mt. Massive. Photo: Ben Varick ’13

After tons of energizing (but also more reflective and serious) ice-breakers, the leaders and the trainees began to mesh. This group cohesiveness made possible the successful and impactful training experiences that ensued. Following a day and a half of reviewing important leadership responsibilities, procedures, (and of course the Leave No Trace principles!), we trainees graduated to become Level I leaders.

Not only were we equipped with an understanding of our practical responsibilities when leading a trip—Additionally, it was emphasized in training that one of our biggest responsibilities is to diffuse an appreciation and understanding of the outdoors throughout the CC student body…especially to those without many (or any) outdoor experiences…

Evidently, the ORC has undergone some major changes in recent years for the purpose of making it a more “inclusive” club…To a person just beginning to explore what the great outdoors has to offer, I imagine that the intensity and tremendous amount of experience of their outdoorsy peers can be a little overwhelming, to say the least…This may even deter people from wanting to participate in the ORC’s activities, for fear of being the only “newbie” in the group…

As we talked about this at training, it occurred to me what a significant responsibility it is to help make the outdoors accessible to everyone who wishes to partake. Yes, I learned much about practical leadership and outdoors skills from my experience last weekend. Perhaps even more importantly, through training I realized how exciting it is to be able to evolve with the ORC as a leader as it strives to fulfill its goal of enthusing other CC students (old and new, alike) with a similar passion for the outdoors.

Written by: Taylor Schwabe ’16


About ccoutdoored

The Outdoor Education Department at Colorado College organizes the Priddy Experience Orientation for new students and advises a variety of student organizations including the Ritt Kellogg Climbing Gym, Climber's Association of Colorado College, Ahlberg Gear House, Free Rider's Union of CC, Outdoor Recreation Committee, Breakout, Cycling Team, Kayak Club, and Colorado College Farm. The department thrives because of the hard work of three professional staff, 35 student employees, and hundreds of dedicated student volunteers. The programs advised by Colorado College Outdoor Education provide CC students with opportunities for real world challenge, adventure, leadership, and service outside of the classroom.
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